Scott Mondy

Scott Mondy loves the game of basketball so much he named his son Trey, after the three-point line. So, it’s little wonder that he loves his job as well – leading the sales team for the Erie BayHawks.

Yet Scott says he may never have had the opportunity to actually work in the basketball business had it not been for community college.
When Scott graduated in 1997 from Schoolcraft High School in Southwestern Michigan, he “was ready to leave the house, but also not ready to leave the house.” With the added uncertainty about his career path and finances, attending nearby Kalamazoo Valley Community College made the most sense.

“I also had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do in my life,” Scott says. “I felt like I had 75 different ideas and couldn't narrow it down. Attending community college allowed me to begin taking all of the pre-requisite courses while getting a better feel for what actually piqued my interests.”
Another key upside to the decision: Money. Scott was able to save money and “not spend thousands and thousands of dollars to experiment with classes and directions that made no sense.”

During his two years at KVCC, Scott says he got a much clearer perspective on what he wanted to do with this life. And he honed some essential life skills – managing his time effectively and balancing his school work with his social life. After securing his associate degree in communications, he went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in interpersonal communications at Western Michigan University.

Scott has lived in Erie with his family since 2010. When it comes to a potential community college for Erie County he says it’s, well, a slam dunk.

“I think a community college would help out the Erie community immensely,” he says. “It’s a great option from a financial standpoint for students just starting out and trying to find their way and themselves.

“I know sometimes it's hard to admit, but like me, some high school grads just aren't ready to head out to a large school and be on their own. Community college gives them some time to figure everything out and go at their own pace. I felt like my success at the large school was partly because, by the time I got there, I was ready.”

Scott Mondy
Erie Bayhawks
Erie, PA

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